Dear Friends,

Dear friends, 

In the opening lines of this inaugural newsletter, it is of importance to briefly set out its aims and our motivations in taking such a commitment. In his reflection, Don Roberto has chosen as his title “Vinculum Amicitiae”: the bond of friendship.  Indeed, our community is continuously growing, ready to welcome young men and women who wish to embrace a journey under the auspices of the wisdom of faith. This newsletter, therefore, aims to serve as a tool to bear in mind the indissoluble bonds that unite us, irrespective of our living or working from different cities. The unprecedented period, which we are facing, while tragic, equally presents us with an opportunity to launch an initiative, bringing us all closer together.

In this newsletter, it is our aim to provide food for thought relating to the topics we have discussed with those guests we have already had the opportunity to meet, as well as a series of spiritual reflections, which will focus, this month, on our Lenten journey.

Our hope is that this publication will allow us to continue to feel part of Wisdom of Faith, even aside from the Fall School and the meetings, which we will organize throughout the year, so that we can take advantage of the strength of this bond, enlightened by faith, during our daily lives.

Giuseppe Punzi